Structural Damages - if your home is prone to water seepage, this will lead to the degradation of the overall structure of your home. Protect the integrity of your home by waterproofing areas such as basements.

Property Damage - Once the damage is done, there's not much you can do except call a contractor for restoration and flood clean-up services. Avoid property damages and the loss of valuable items, documents, photos and more by investing in preventative waterproofing measures today.

Infestations - Where there is water seepage, there is probably a mold infestation. Damp areas act as a breeding ground for contaminants such as mold and mildew. Different kinds of mold breed beneath damp and padded carpets or in between the walls.

Grading/Sloping - If your property does not slope away from your home or basement, you could find yourself with water seepage problems. To avoid these problems, either spend money to get the slope fixed, or invest in professional New York City waterproofing services.

Natural Disasters - You can't prevent a natural disaster; but you can lessen the damages your home receives by investing in waterproofing services from the professional general contractors at Eden General Construction Inc